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16th February 2019

Cosco Tower

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Available 24/7

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What our Clients have said

In the last 20 years, SKN Securities has provided expert financial advice to both businesses and individuals. Our Investment team delivers strategic placements for allocation, investment approach, finance management and portfolio construction. Our investment teams best interest inclines to providing the best financial structure for you, founded on extensive research and modern investing tools.


John O’Grady, CFA

CEO Rankin Associates

SKN has showed more than enough excellence when carefully planning for your life goals. Their process shows thorough analysis of your financial holdings which then leads to them describing your potential future.


Stephanie Daniels

Franklin Limited

SKN has proved their excellence by giving me the best advice. I don’t worry anymore about financial planning and assurance shopping since they already give independent, truthful and practical estimates in a perfect way.


Jeffrey Ross, CFA

CEO and Strategic Allocation

SKN shows professionalism, friendliness and efficiency. They are also very helpful in every way. I have great confidence in SKN that is why I have recommended them to my clients and business partners on countless occasions.


Alyona Li

Peters Associates

SKN has proved to be very trustworthy in all the opportunities that they have helped me with. Their analyst division is so well-informed and reliable in all financial matters such as investments, savings and insurances.


Richard Watkins

MD of Perkins Associates

SKN made a risk assessment of my potential future needs and created a plan action with great success. They are very thorough with the job while being sincere, an attribute that’s usually missing from bigger institutions.


Danielle Hart

CEO Jones & Co.

We are pleased with our finances being up to date and would gladly recommend SKN to whoever is seeking for assistance in financial planning. It is a joy to partner with them as they provide tailor made solutions.