Money is changing. We invest in that opportunity.

Bitcoin is a truly global currency, uncorrelated with other markets. SKN Securities has 16 years experience as a regulated investment manager. Our bitcoin program provides a rare opportunity to gain uncorrelated returns from an emerging asset class.


Risk Management




An Innovative, Unique, Un-correlated Asset Management Program

SKN Securities has a 16 year history of managing client funds as a regulated investment manager. The firm’s principals started trading in the commodity markets over 30 years ago, initially in a discretionary capacity and more recently evolving to an advanced systematic approach.
After studying bitcoin for some time, the firm’s principals were struck by the parallels with commodities as those developed into invest-able asset markets from the mid-1990’s on wards.
SKN Securities uses an institutional-grade Bitcoin investment strategy, applying the highest professional management standards to create a truly groundbreaking venture.
The aim of SKN Securities is to provide exposure to the price movements of bitcoin while managing the risks which come with being involved in an exciting new market.
Bitcoin’s acceptance has grown rapidly as investors have begun to recognize the value of an asset with limited issuance, insulated from the effects of any country’s monetary policy.
SKN Securities is the first institutional-grade program for managing exposure to bitcoin. We have a proven track record managing the risks and inherent volatility while outperforming the US Dollar Bitcoin index over the long term. We bring extensive expertise and research into the drivers behind bitcoin as the pre-eminent digital currency; investing long, short and trading, in order to produce outstanding returns for our investors.

A Bespoke System Shaped By 15 Years Of Trading Experience

SKN Securities delivers a wealth of experience across different asset classes and market conditions.
Being the first to apply professional investment management principles to the bitcoin as an asset class undoubtedly gives us a competitive advantage.
Factors such as market activity, news flow, new market entrants, regulatory developments, and technical developments on the cryptocurrency network are constantly monitored by us so that we can maintain an up-to-the-minute understanding and knowledge of the marketplace and then act accordingly.
Despite the absence of credit ratings or ISDAs, we have learnt how to evaluate and test the strength of active counter parties. As part of our routine operations we conduct random due diligence on them, to ensure they preserve the same exacting standards we demand.