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23rd March 2019

Cosco Tower

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Expert Investment Advice

With over 2 decades of experience we’ll ensure
you always get the best guidance.

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Investment Guidance

We provide decades of investment expertise
when handling your future.

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We’re well known for our friendly, personal help
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Digital Currency

Creating secure customized portfolio’s at unbeatable discounted prices while managing the risks which comes with being involved in an exciting new market.


Bonds are a wise choice for an effective and diversified investment strategy over a long period of time. It assures solid growth, compounding year after year.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are very different from the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds, cash and commodities.

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Get access to SKN Securities live market reports published directly from our analysis division providing the latest market projections…
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About Us

In the last 20 years, SKN Securities has been committed in providing expert financial advice to both businesses and individuals. Our Investment Committee delivers wise and outstanding strategies for allocation, investment approach, finance management and portfolio construction. The committee’s best interest inclines to providing the best financial structure for you founded on extensive research and modern investing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial advice do you give?

We are here to help you analyze your goals and give you the best advice that will help you reach them in your desired time frame.

Do you offer individually tailored investment plans?

Of course, we have investment managers that will work with you personally to create an investment plan that is structured based on your initial investment and provide guidance moving forward to assure that your targets are met.

How would I go about planning for my retirement?

You would need to talk to one of our retirement planners and give a full detail of your assets and then let our expert team go to work for you and create a retirement package that is specifically designed to to give you peace of mind knowing that the rest of your life is financially taken care of.

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Managed Assets (billions)


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Why Choose Us?


Our 20 years of professional investment experience guarantees expert financial advice.


Our team of passionate and innovative financial advisers are always prepared to that extra mile for you.


Our financial consultants guarantee that you obtain the best results from your investments.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

I received the best advice and support, I can’t express my gratitude enough for the help I’ve received.

John Welsh — London, UK

The outstanding performance of SKN has impressively helped my firm. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Nadia Lopez — Havana, Cuba

I can’t commend SKN enough. I’ve been highly satisfied with the excellent return on my investments.

Jack Maguire — New York, USA

SKN has been amazing for my business, their skilled support has been very comforting for me.

Lena Fischer — Munich, Germany

For expert investment advice you can trust SKN Securities


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